Secret State of North Korea

Secret State of North Korea

This is a video clip about North Korea showed in PBS in Jan 14th. I think it is good video and worthy to see if you are interested in North Korea. While I was watching this video, I thought several things. 

1) North Korea rein has been weaken. If north Korean people violate the regulations more and more for their living, North Korea could be collapsed. So it would be better to help people’s violation than to dream a rebellion. Rebellion is so dangerous ask to North Korean people.
2) The hatred of North Korea toward America is amplified with propagation but it is not baseless. America played an important role in the division of Korea and the Korean wars. Trusteeship of North and South separately in Korean peninsula was not Korean people’s wish. In the trusteeship of South Korea, American military hired pro-Japanese people who should be punished by their immoral behavior during Japanese occupation period and let them kill mass of people by the name of removal of communists. During the Korean war there was horrible genocide by both sides army. Unfortunately, America’s army is also not free from the genocide.
3) Family punishment was very common in Korean history because Korea is a family-based society. So it should be understood in the cultural back ground. Even in South Korea, there was a difference of the degree, it was lasted two-three decades ago. Especially after the war, once one of your family member is accused of being a communist, whole family was blamed as communists and suffered trouble.
I hope the suffering of the starving orphans and north Korean people ends soon.Secret 


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