Hangul : Korean language

Korean has their own language system. They had own spoken language for a long time but they didn’t have their own written language until  1446. The King Sejong, famous for the wisest king in Korean history made Korean Alphabet called Hunminjeonum(now we called it as a Hangul). The meaning of the name is the appropriate sound for teaching people.

The Korean Alphabet is consist in 3 essential vowels, 5 essential consonants and its extended vowels and consonants.  Three vowels was patterned after Heaven( · ), Earth(ㅡ), and  human(ㅣ)  and five consonants was patterned after the shape of vocal organs. Heaven, Earth, and human is three essential elements in the world. This theory is based on Confucianism’s thought. The chart on the left side is the basic combination of Korean alphabet. Korean Kids memorize this when they start to learn Korean alphabets.

The basic word order of Korean language is Subject, Verb, and Object.  In Korean structure, an element of sentence was omitted a lot. This language is not logical like English but it has abundant word for expressing emotion and colors.

Recently, the TV show treated on the story of making Hangul was made. The title is “Tree with deep root.”  You can find this show in Hulu.com (http://www.hulu.com/watch/297395#x-0,vepisode,1,0)


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